Indri is a city and a municipal committee in Karnal district (National Capital Region) in the Indianstate of Haryana. Indri is situated on state highway 7. The Indri city is divided into 13 wards for which elections are held every 5 years. From an archaeological point of view, Indri might have some significance, As there are a lot of old structures present in and around it. There is an old fort which is totally under sand now (Area around 7-8 acre and height is around 25 meters). Old fort walls can be found 2–6 meters below the ground level at some other places as well. Indri is famous for fair of a saint from Pakistan called Simran Das ji (Kachi Samadhi).


The city has gone through various phases of development, including some huge projects like New Herbal Park and Waterproof Roads for the city. These have been done by Karan Dev Kamboj soon after he won the elections and Sub Division of Indri Town is approved by former MLA Bhim Sain Mehta. There is a very little development for education, health and infrastructure sectors in this area.


The school is situated on the State Highway 7 at 7th milestone from the new Karnal Bus Stand at Liberty Chowk (old Baldi chowk). It is well surrounded with the Lush green lands of Local peasants of Village samora & Village Garhi Gujran. On the Nothern side is the city Indri which is allocated about at 3rd milestone from the school Campus.